New SLO Resources from the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders

gtl-logoIn today’s contentious education debates, Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) offer a compelling middle ground that provides rigor and concrete data yet in a way that accommodates student needs. The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center) has several new resources available for education leaders to use in order to take full advantage of the SLO model.

New Professional Learning Module Supplements: Designed to complement their full-length module, Introduction to Student Learning Objectives , these supplements provide student learning objectives (SLOs) materials and resources for teachers of career and technical education (CTE) courses and offer information on SLO scoring strategies.

Student Learning Objectives: Considerations for Teachers of Career and Technical Education Courses

Are you looking for SLO resources to assist teachers who provide instruction in CTE courses? State leaders and regional center staff can use this supplement to support district-level staff new to SLOs and in the early stages of SLO implementation for teachers of CTE courses. This supplement will teach you about:

  • SLO cycles
  • Considerations for crafting high-quality SLOs for teachers of CTE courses
  • Technical and implementation challenges for teachers of CTE courses

Scoring Student Learning Objectives

Do you need help making decisions on SLO scoring approaches? This supplement supports states in policymaking decisions on SLO scoring and combining SLO scores. States can use this supplement for internal decision making, or you can modify the materials for meetings or workshops with districts. In this supplement, you will learn about the following:

  • Approaches to scoring individual SLOs
  • Approaches to combining SLO scores
  • Benefits and considerations for each scoring approach

Each supplement provides more than three hours of material, including hands-on activities, which can be adapted and customized to your state’s context and needs. Download PDF copies, or request copies of the materials in Word format by sending an e-mail to

New Ask the Team! Balancing Autonomy and Comparability: State Approaches to Assessment Selection for Student Learning Objectives

States take a wide range of approaches to SLO assessment selection. This Ask the Team brief helps states consider the trade-offs between approaches that offer more teacher choice and those that offer more comparability across SLOs. This brief identifies four common approaches to selecting SLO assessments:

  1. The teacher or teacher team chooses the assessment(s) to use in SLOs.
  2. The state or district provides assessment criteria or a bank of available assessment options.
  3. The state or district provides a list of required assessments.
  4. The state or district requires that SLOs be based on common assessments.

In addition to the benefits and challenges of each approach, you will read about state and district examples from the field.

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