Moneyball for Education: Using Data, Evidence and Evaluation to Improve Federal Education Policy

results for america logoA new policy paper by Rick Hess and Bethany Little for the American Enterprise Institute and Results for America wants to bring the thinking of baseball’s “Moneyball” to federal education policy.

Key points:

  • The ‘moneyball’ strategy, which used data to help improve success and cost-efficiency in baseball, should be applied to the US education system to advance locally led efforts to improve outcomes for students and schools.
  • Moneyball is valuable to education because it could both provide essential information for improving education and present a bipartisan pathway forward in an increasingly divided political climate.
  • This paper offers a number of tenets to guide policy on issues such as measurement, outcomes, and scaling, and a set of recommendations for an appropriate, disciplined federal role in moneyball for education.

At a time when Congress continues to be stuck in partisan battles that have resulted in no renewal of ESEA, a focus on data could provide a route to bipartisan success. Liberals and conservatives both want to make efficient use of funds to help American children reach increased educational achievement.

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