July Issue Brief: Teacher Wellness

Although almost everyone understands the importance of student well-being, there is much less consideration for the well-being of teachers themselves. Healthy educators are more productive, less likely to be absent, and better equipped to support student development when they themselves are mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally well. By creating opportunities and infrastructure for employee wellness programs, schools and districts not only support their workforce but also facilitate more productive and supportive learning environments for students.

In Core Education’s July issue brief, we explore resources on teacher wellness. We look at the research behind stress and burnout, explore policies that promote educator well-being, and consider the importance of providing specific supports for educators and improving the culture around teaching. We investigate a framework that includes both individual and contextual factors for teacher well-being.

To view the brief, see https://mailchi.mp/a52f42766b58/7y14uz9cvv-5038770

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