How to Co-Create Classroom Culture with Students

Recently, Turnaround for Children released a toolkit for elevating student voice by co-creating classroom community. The toolkit includes the following resources:

Educator Reflection: Personal and Community Values

The purpose of this tool is for educators to reflect on how their own values (shaped by their identity, culture, and experiences) show up in their classroom and school, in order to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments.

Norms and Expectations Planner

This tool provides guidance and sample strategies for developing school or classroom norms and expectations, with an emphasis on co-creation, shared power between students and adults, and acknowledging and affirming diverse cultural values and perspectives. This process lays the foundation for a sense of safety and belonging.

Co-Regulating Routines Planner

This tool is meant to guide educators to create consistent and predictable routines that are co-regulating and create a sense of safety, while upholding norms and supporting student skill development and autonomy.

Through use of these resources, we can ignite learning by shifting the balance of power toward students, affirming their identities, and recognizing them as active agents within the learning process.

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