Hope Street Group Launches the Teacher Evaluation Playbook

The Hope Street Group, a national, nonpartisan non-profit organization that focuses on bringing together political leadership with non-governmental innovators in business, nonprofit organizations, etc. to develop creative solutions for America’s current economic problems, has launched a new website—The Teacher Evaluation Playbook.

The site serves as a guide for implementing strategies around teacher evaluation systems with specific focus on engaging teachers in the reform. It is designed to help states to learn from each other and has concrete examples of best practices and lessons learned with helpful tools for many different education stakeholders–state policymakers, district administrators, union leaders, and educators.

The site includes a how-to guide for states, checklists for various stakeholders, timelines, an interactive map of evaluation efforts across the nation, a resource library, interviews with real people and support of public documents. Though the Playbook is heavily focused on the work in Tennessee and Delaware, Hope Street Group plans to grow this resource to include best practices and lessons learned from other frontline districts and states.

To review the Playbook, please visit http://playbook.hopestreetgroup.org/