Help for Drowning Teachers

This past fall, Roxanna Elden, author of the book See Me After Class, began offering teachers a lifeline. Aware that many teachers leave their jobs mid-year, she began offering what she called a Disillusionment Power Pack: an email subscription service that would send teachers constant notes of encouragement and reflection for one month. As an NPR story noted at that time, Elden started with a simple statement: It’s OK for new teachers to cry in their cars.

The Disillusionment Power Pack sends an email almost every day to those who sign up. Throughout the course of a month, Elden offers reflections on such things as setting expectations and moments of failure. More than 5,000 teachers have signed up for the Power Pack.

If you or someone you know is going through a rough spot as a teacher, consider signing up for the Disillusionment Power Pack. You can sign up here.