February Issue Brief: Trauma-Informed Teaching

Rates of childhood trauma in the United States are alarmingly high, with exposure to potentially traumatic forms of violence, such as abuse, assault, or family or community violence particularly common. Traumatic experiences and chronic stress can overwhelm a child’s system and negatively impact development and learning. As educators, however, we can help students recover from trauma and develop resiliency and protective factors against future adverse childhood experiences.  

In Core Education’s February issue brief, we explore resources on trauma-informed teaching. We look at the research behind restorative justice practices and the importance of relationships for learning, as well as videos demonstrating teaching techniques that are useful in responding to the needs of children who have suffered trauma. We investigate a framework for learning built on secure, healthy learners and a culture of equity.

To view the issue brief, see https://mailchi.mp/49ba8ab48dfd/7y14uz9cvv-1789269

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