ESSER Hold’em for Districts

Released by ERS, ESSER Hold’em is a modified version of Budget Hold’em for Districts that helps districts plan, focus investments, and navigate tradeoffs in spending ESSER dollars among the 5 Power Strategies that have been identified. These five strategies address critical student needs now and lay a sustainable foundation for lasting improvement. The game will help districts choose investments that will support students through recovery from the pandemic and leave the district in a stronger position after ESSER funds expire.

ESSER Hold’em encourages districts to move from default ways of investing to rich conversations about ESSER planning that inform investments and drive dramatic improvements in student learning.

Using ESSER Hold’em, districts can focus on the important questions such as:

  • How can we sustain the real change and innovation we’ve created?
  • How best can my district spend an influx of dollars while also balancing that with the impending revenue cliff we’ll see in 2 years?
  • How do we cut through the noise to focus on the most important changes we need to make?

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