The Educator Pipeline: Turnover, Fewer Applicants Will Impact Student Achievement

Concerned about retention and recruitment of teachers, principals, and administrators, Learning First Alliance member organizations are looking to build stronger pipelines and supports for these critical roles in student learning. The Educator Pipeline discusses the challenges each profession faces, and why this issue is key to our nation’s economic future.  

The report explores the following four issues related to human capital:

Issue 1: Ensuring Educators and Leaders are ready for the Job and Supported  

Issue 2: Shortages Impact Candidates for Principals and District Administrators

Issue 3: Chronic Shortage Areas

Issue 4: Diversity within Teaching and School Leadership

The Learning First Alliance concludes that teacher and school leadership shortages will not be solved by simply encouraging more individuals to enter teacher education programs. The root of the issue is the attrition rate: State and local education policies must address the reasons why teachers are leaving the field. Further, policymakers should address the chronic shortage areas that increasingly impact more districts: recruiting and supporting professionals who want to teach students with disabilities, language-minority students, or children living in poverty. Working conditions must be addressed, and school staff must be given time for planning, collaboration, and professional learning.

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