Education Data 101

The Data Quality Campaign has released Education Data 101, a primer on the most important concepts and research related to education data. The purpose of this publication is to bring policymakers up to speed, but it also provides a nice summary of talking points for anyone involved in education.

The publication focuses on eight pressing topics selected by the Data Quality Campaign, including:

  1.  Student data helps improve student achievement.
  2.  State longitudinal data systems help answer questions and drive improvement.
  3.  Data linkages provide the fullest picture of student and school outcomes.
  4.  Student data must be kept private  and secure.
  5.  State report cards provide the public information about student and school performance.
  6.  Data empowers teachers and parents with information to better support learning.
  7.  Educator preparation programs need data to improve teacher training and quality.
  8.  Teachers must be equipped with the skills to understand and use data effectively.

For each, authors provide a basic overview of the topic, a description of why it matters, the “state of play” on the latest progress states and others have made in that area, recommendations of action to take, and additional resources to help build understanding.

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