EdPrepLab Will Help Educators Develop the Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions to Support All Students in Learning Deeply

The Learning Policy Institute and Bank Street Graduate School of Education have announced the launch of Educator Preparation Laboratory (EdPrepLab), an initiative to help educator preparation programs ensure that new teachers and leaders are able to provide K-12 students with education that helps them develop skills like critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and being able to apply knowledge in a range of contexts.

EdPrepLab brings together 15 of the nation’s leading teacher and principal preparation programs to collaborate on developing models for preparation that equip educators to provide deeper learning and that can be replicated at other programs across the nation. The initiative will also support research to improve preparation programs and work with policymakers at federal, state, and local levels to help encourage the use of research-based practices that ensure new teachers and school leaders are well-equipped to provide students with deeper learning and to build the next generation of equitable schools and instructional education practices.

EdPrepLab’s work is, in part, informed by a new book, Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning, by Linda Darling-Hammond, Jeannie Oakes, Steven Wojcikiewicz, Maria Hyler, Roneeta Guha, Anne Podolsky, Tara Kini, Channa Cook-Harvey, Charmaine Jackson Mercer, and Akeelah Harrell. In the book, the authors examine the teacher preparation model of Bank Street Graduate School of Education, as well as the models at six of the programs now among the founding programs of EdPrepLab.

Visit EdPrep Lab: https://edpreplab.org/

For a list of Network Members, see: https://edpreplab.org/overview/network-members/ 

For a link to the book, see: https://learningpolicyinstitute.org/product/preparing-teachers-deeper-learning-book 

For the Knowledge Brief underlying this program, see: https://learningpolicyinstitute.org/product/preparing-teachers-deeper-learning-brief