College Board, Khan Academy team up to offer free SAT prep program

The revised version of the SAT college entrance exam won’t be offered until March, but students can start preparing for it with a new, free online study program affiliated with the test.

The College Board and Khan Academy are announcing a new partnership offering free online test preparation resources for students looking to take a new version of the SAT next spring. The free test preparation is being offered in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to give access to the resources to students who might need more support or access to the Internet or computers. This effort is designed to help the College Board try to rebrand a test that some have criticized for not providing an accurate prediction of success in higher education. The website features a series of diagnostic tests created by Khan that students take to determine their skill level in each section of the SAT, which can then direct them to different videos on the Khan site to go over certain topics or review fundamentals a student might have previously missed in school.

Kahn gives students personalized practice recommendations and instant feedback on how they’re doing. If they’re curious, there is also a short video about how the new SAT is different.

The system is designed to help students where they need it. Check it out yourself and sign up for updates about important changes and SAT dates.

P.S. Students taking the “old” SAT in January 2016 or before should check out Kahn Academy’s resources for the current SAT.

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