Chief Innovation Officer Toolkit

Education First, the NewSchools Venture Fund, and the Broad Center have partnered to release the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) Toolkit. This research-backed toolkit is designed to help districts, and CIOs, understand why a CIO is a critical cabinet-level role and what should be expected from one.

The CIO Toolkit was developed for those currently in, hiring for, or aspiring to be in a CIO role. Through research with school, policy and national leaders, the group has identified four core work streams, five essential competencies, and four key mindsets of a successful CIO. 

The toolkit contains: 

  • guidance and reflection questions to support districts that are creating the infrastructure to innovate for equity,
  • examples, lessons learned, and reflection questions to support integrating innovative practices into the work of a school district, and 
  • resources to help districts create, hire, rehire, and reflect on the role and its potential for impact

Superintendents, district leaders and team members, school board members, and the broader school community may find this toolkit a useful guide to make decisions about resource allocation and staffing for CIO positions.

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