Characteristics of Public Elementary and Secondary School Principals in the United States

A new report from the National Center for Education Statistics summarizes the characteristics of public elementary and secondary school principals in the United States. The report provides descriptive statistics and basic information from the 2015–16 National Teacher and Principal Survey Public School Principal Data File.

Main findings include: There were about 90,000 principals leading U.S. public schools during the 2015-16 school year.

About 78 percent were white. Just 11 percent of them were black and 8 percent were Hispanic.

More than half were women. Women were also more likely to be principals of elementary schools, rather than middle or high schools.

Public school principals on average received a salary of $95,700 and worked an average of 58.6 hours per week.

On average, principals spent about 30 percent of their time on internal administrative tasks, 30 percent of their time on curriculum and teaching-related tasks, 23 percent of their time on student interactions, and 14 percent of their time on parent interactions.

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