Blog Post #1,000

1000This is Core Education’s one thousandth blog post. Through the experience of writing and responding to comments from 1,000 posts, we have learned some important things. Following are our top three:

1. Knowledge sharing is powerful. Our intent is to keep our readers informed about the most important research studies, reports, current events, and novel ideas that we encounter related to educator effectiveness. Because we’re always on the lookout for great content to pass on to you, we have developed the productive habit of reviewing research on a daily basis. This has been a win-win-win: for us professionally, for the clients we serve, and for our readers.

2. Tags and Categories are important. We have found that Core Education’s blog is a great repository of information and ideas that we have found to be compelling over the years. We have found that the search function on the blog is a useful first step but that clicking on a tag or category is much more effective in bringing up all posts related to a topic. We invite you to click on a favorite tag (listed at the bottom of each post) to explore the topics that interest you.

3. Our readers offer many varied perspectives. The comments that we receive on different posts help us to see issues and ideas from many different angles. Though we can’t respond to everyone, we really appreciate your insights and the additional information you provide.

Thank you sincerely for following, liking, and reading our blog. We have learned so much working for and with you, and we appreciate your continued feedback and expertise. We hope you are looking forward to the next 1,000 blogs as much as we are!