All of Who I Am

Over the past several years, a growing consensus has emerged that learning is a social, emotional, and cognitive process-but how do young people perceive and experience this type of integrated learning in action? All of Who I Am, a new report from The Center for Promise at America’s Promise Alliance, features insights from a qualitative study of more than 100 young people who describe their experiences with whole child approaches in exemplar learning settings across the country. 

The report’s title, drawn from a young person’s own words, encapsulates the most significant insight from the study: that learning environments that prioritize and integrate social, emotional, and cognitive development are nurturing young people’s sense of themselves as valued, multi-dimensional community members. In addition, six interconnected themes emerged from listening to the young people. These themes include:

  • Relationships
  • Identity Development
  • Agency
  • Belonging
  • Meaningful Learning
  • Intentionality

Together these themes comprise a holistic, youth-centered learning experience. 

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