50 Best Educational Technology Tools, Ever!

Common Sense Education has compiled a Top Picks list containing their 50 favorite learning tools ever. This megalist has tools that span all subjects, grades, and purposes.

Since 2013, Common Sense Education has been teachers’ trusted source for in-depth, independent, and unbiased ratings and reviews of edtech tools. They have rated over 3,000 products for learning, and the Common Sense Privacy Program has evaluated over 500 products for privacy. Common Sense continues to publish new learning ratings and privacy evaluations every week. This hand-picked list features their favorites: 50 tools they feel have stood the test of time. While they’re not all five-star tools, they all offer inventive, rich learning experiences. Each tool also meets their basic privacy policy requirements, but not all the tools meet their minimum requirements for privacy safeguards.

Download the list here: https://d1e2bohyu2u2w9.cloudfront.net/education/sites/default/files/common_sense_education_50_favorite_tools.pdf