Teacher Action Research Prize

The annual Yale-Lynn Hall Teacher Action Research Prize recognizes and supports the leadership of teachers who continually work to improve their practice through action research. The School of Management (SOM) Education Leadership Conference is seeking applications from educators who are trying new lessons, modes of content delivery, or types of activities to improve student outcomes. The application deadline is March 3, 2017.  

If you’re a current teacher, chances are you’re already doing research in the classroom on a daily basis. Formalize it and submit it in an application! Past submissions have come from educators in many different classroom settings working with a variety of student populations. One teacher shared a new writing strategy for students with learning disabilities. Another submitted research on creating “tiered texts” for students by annotating reading material. A team of three teachers described finding that students were more likely to use an alternate strategy after performing poorly on an initial quiz, even if that strategy was taught before the quiz.   


The prize is open to all educators. We welcome submissions from any current pre-kindergarten to 12th grade teacher or team of teachers, or full-time after school educator.  


— February 3, 2017: Optional research abstract submission for feedback

— March 3, 2017: Application submission deadline

— March 10, 2017: Winners are notified

— April 7, 2017: First prize winner presents research at SOM Education Leadership Conference


First prize: $5,000

Second prize: $2,500


Visit the SOM Education Leadership Conference website for more information and FAQs:  http://yaleeducationconference.com/teacher-action-research-prize/