New Code of Ethics for Educators

nasdtecThe National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) released a new code of ethics recently for educators.

The effort was supported by Educational Testing Service, University of Phoenix College of Education and the National Network of State Teachers of the year. Phillip Rogers, executive director of NASDTEC, said one purpose of the code is to assist in preparing “new educators who will continue to face more complex issues in the future.”

The Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE) is made up of 5 main principles and 18 sub-components:

  • Principle I: Responsibility to the Profession
  • Principle II: Responsibility for Professional Competence
  • Principle III: Responsibility to Students
  • Principle IV: Responsibility to the School Community
  • Principle V: Responsible and Ethical Use of Technology

MCEE includes glossaries with definitions of terms and rationale.

In today’s education climate where teachers are so much more interconnected to colleagues, students, families, and community by technology, MCEE provides a welcome update to a profession that seeks to help mold the next generation into ethical American citizens.

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