March 22, 2021

I-Flex: A New Teaching Modality for Post-Pandemic Recovery

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is that in-person learning is not the only way to “do” school. During the past year, most districts have experimented with fully Virtual Learning modalities, as well as Hybrid Learning, and some college campuses have also perfected the Hyflex model. Moving into post-COVID recovery, I-Flex presents a new modality that may allow K-12 school districts and charter management organizations to make the most of the new technological skills mastered by teachers and students during the pandemic while increasing the amount of time available for intervention for students who need to make up missed learning.

In a new white paper by Core Education’s Kim Fleming, each of five teaching modalities is reviewed for possible implementation in a post-pandemic environment. I-Flex is introduced as a new modality that allows for maximization of in-person intervention for students who have missed learning due to COVID-19.

Modalities in Brief

Blended Learning – Students attend school in person full time, and classes have online elements.

Virtual Learning – Students attend school virtually full time, and teachers teach virtually.

Hybrid Learning – Students are assigned to attend school in person on certain days per week and virtually on other days per week. Sometimes all students follow the same schedule, and sometimes different cohorts of students follow a different schedule.

Hyflex (Hybrid Flexible) Learning – Students may choose to attend virtually or in person on any given day, based on health requirements, preference, or content being covered in class. Both in-person and virtual classes occur every time the class meets.

I-Flex (Intervention Flexible) Learning – All students attend school in person for 3-4 days per week. The other 1-2 days are intervention days, during which flexible groups of students attend school in person for small group tutoring and other intervention services, and other students work from home in a virtual asynchronous format and are able to meet with teachers during virtual office hours. I-Flex allows teachers to teach grade-level content to all students, rather than holding students back who missed learning during COVID-19.

This white paper will be useful for district and school leaders at every level as they consider the best modes of instruction and how to make the most of the technological skills that have been mastered by teachers and students over the past year.

Download I-Flex: A New Teaching Modality for Post-Pandemic Recovery