The Center for Education Reform Launches New Hub

The Center for Education Reform (CER) recently launched their new, interactive website, which they hope will become the central hub for all things related to education reform.  The CER, founded in 1993 to help bridge the gap between education policy and practice, says that it re-designed their site in order to “serve [the public’s] daily information needs and provide ready access to opportunities to become more engaged.”

The site is packed with content, but some of the most notable and interesting are:

1. An interactive state map that includes rankings for governors, media reliability, charter school law, and teacher quality; rankings for digital learning and what they call the “parent power index” will be available soon.

2. A section devoted to issues such as teacher quality, federal policy, the “unions and establishment,” and online learning.

3. A “Take Action” section that breaks down ideas for becoming involved into categories like “10 minute ideas” up to “1 day per week ideas.”  They also provide resources for bigger ideas, such as a starter kit for starting a charter school.

4. The “Media Bullpen,” a news section devoted to “bringing accountability to education reporting.”  This section features national stories, analysis, and data from across the country, and also a specific focus on education news from towns and individual districts.

To explore the site, please visit