Good to Great Study Series: “Investing in What it Takes to Move from Good to Great”

The Center on Great Teachers & Leaders (GTL Center) is out with the third report in a series designed to explore how great teachers have become the excellent educators they are today and what experiences and supports helped these teachers refine their practice over time.

The first two reports explored the perspectives of National State Teachers of the Year.  In the  third report, GTL Center shifts gears to explore the perspectives of over 5000 National Board Certified Teachers, asking them what experiences and supports were most important to their development over the course of their careers.  This report underscores the importance of listening to great teachers and investing in what can truly help teachers move from good to great.

The report is titled Investing in What it Takes to Move From Good to Great: Exemplary Educators Identify their Most Important Learning Experiences. It offers timely information to ensure limited resources are used wisely to support teachers across the career continuum. Education leaders and policy makers can use this information to make smart investments in teacher support and development that may be more likely to improve teaching and learning in the long run.

See the report here: