Advancing Student Success through the Arts

The Education Commission of the States recently released Beyond the Core: Advancing Student Success through the Arts. This Education Trends report explores research on how the arts bolster the development of deeper learning skills, provides examples of programs that successfully increased access to the arts in education in public schools, and includes state- and local-level policy considerations.

Research consistently shows that arts education and the integration of the arts into core subjects can have dramatic effects on student success — defined not just by student test scores, but also critical skills, such as creativity, teamwork and perseverance. Research indicates that these skills can be as effective predictors of long-term success in college, careers and citizenship as test scores. Indeed, a key takeaway of this report is that arts education fosters critical deeper learning skills.
The report provides examples of district, state-wide, and community initiatives that have been successful at expanding the arts in education and provides policy recommendations for both state and local leaders.

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