Transforming Virtual Systems for Students with Disabilities

Two searchable databases include valuable information on meeting the varied needs of students through distance learning.

WestEd’s National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI) is a helpful compilation of relevant guidance and resources related to distance learning, policy, and support for children and youth with disabilities. Among many resources, you will find:

  • Distance Learning for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities
  • Resources for Supporting Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired
  • Educator Guidance and Resources on Providing Interventions for Learners with Intensive Needs
  • OpenDyslexic: Downloadable Typeface for Students with Dyslexia
  • Dynamo Math: Dyscalculia Standardized Assessment and Intervention
  • Accessibyte Educational Apps
  • Ghotit: Dyslexia Writing and Reading Assistant

To perform a search, see:

Secondly, the Comprehensive Center Network offers a searchable database of  resources to support enriched distance learning programs. Use “Special Education” as a topic filter for resources like the following:

  • Accessible Online Learning for Students with Disabilities
  • COVID-19 Considerations for Special Education Administrators
  • COVID-19 Information from the National Deaf Center
  • Digital & Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

To perform a search of this database, see: