Teachers Supporting Teachers: State Policies for Non-Classroom-Based Instructors

The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders has released a new Ask the Team Brief, Teachers Supporting Teachers: State Policies for Non-Classroom-Based Instructors. Across the United States, non-classroom-based positions have been added in districts and schools to provide instructional support to teachers. They go by various names–coach, mentor, teacher leader–but typically they help classroom teachers to be more effective, ultimately helping improve student outcomes and teacher retention rates. These teachers have potential to play a significant role in improving teaching practice–if properly selected, prepared, evaluated, and supported.

However, the majority of states using non-classroom-based instructional staff do not seem to have state policies addressing who is qualified, what preparation and professional learning opportunities they should receive, or how they should be selected, evaluated and compensated. In this Ask the Team brief, the GTL Center offers a review of existing state policies and highlights state-level programs aimed at selecting, preparing, evaluating and compensating this growing category of educators.

To read the brief, see: http://bit.ly/2p6h7RY