Teacher Mentoring in K-12 Online Learning Environments

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) has released a new book showcasing the latest research and trends in online teacher mentoring. The book, “Lessons Learned in Teacher Mentoring: Supporting Educators in K-12 Online Learning Environments” was made available at iNACOL’s annual conference, the Virtual School Symposium (VSS) October 21-24 in New Orleans.

“This latest research covering online and blended learning methods highlights what is working and focuses on the central role of qualified, well-trained teachers in developing advanced methods in data-driven, technology-enabled, personalized instructional practices,” said Susan Patrick, President and CEO of iNACOL. “It’s our hope that the lessons learned and showcased…will encourage the growth of these high quality, new learning models and promote stronger teacher training for preparing educators’ seamless integration into emerging blended education programs.”

“Lessons Learned in Teacher Mentoring” shares several mentoring models currently implemented by K-12 online programs and demonstrates how online schools are increasing student and teacher motivation by building the expertise of teachers entering the world of personalized digital learning with the support of specific mentoring practices, both for novice and experienced educators.

The book is available for order at the following address: https://aurora-institute.org/resource/lessons-learned-in-teacher-mentoring-supporting-educators-in-k-12-online-learning-environments/