State Planning Tool for Standards-Based Accountability Under ESSA

The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) presents states with an opportunity to broaden their visions of college and career readiness by including multiple measures of accountability that better recognize the multiple pathways to college and career readiness.

A new resource from the College & Career Readiness & Success Center at AIR provides states with the tools to recognize and correct gaps between ESSA and state policies and systems that support standards, assessments, accountability determinations, school improvement and public reporting.  For each provision, it also provides resources that support the alignment of state systems with college and career readiness efforts.

The two parts of the tool include:

Part A: Accountability Gap Analysis

  • A concise summary of ESSA requirements – both the statute and regulations
  • Tools to identify and address gaps between ESSA and state accountability systems

Part B:  Accountability Requirements Close-Up

  • Detailed close-up of the ESSA accountability requirements
  • Descriptions of how the ESSA requirements have shifted from No Child Left Behind
  • Links to additional resources to support state efforts to close policy gaps and integrate college and career readiness efforts

To access the tool, see: