State Education Governance Structures: 2017 Update

State education governance structures create a framework for the interplay of authority and accountability, dictating how directives are issued and how authority is  balanced with the responsibility to ensure that directives are appropriately carried out and desired results are achieved. This report explores the 50 states and takes a deep dive into the four primary models of the interplay between key education policy leaders: governors, state boards and state chiefs.

Model 1 (10 states): Appointed Board, Appointed Chief

Model 2 (12 states): Governor Appoints Board, Board Appoints Chief

Model 3 (10 states): Appointed Board, Elected Chief

Model 4 (6 states): Elected Board, Board Appoints Chief

Understanding the distribution of authority in state education governance models may prove insightful to understanding how education issues are prioritized and resolved in each state.

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