Spotlight on Promising Practices

america achievesAmerica Achieves has released a new series of short videos designed to show what great schools and districts are doing around the country, in hopes that more schools and districts might follow their lead.

America Achieves,  an organization that “helps communities and states leverage policy, practice, and leadership to build high-quality educational systems and prepare each young person for success in careers, college, and citizenship” recently released a new series, “Spotlight on Promising Practices”. This is the first of a multimedia series celebrating great work happening across the country – and features video stories of promising practices that can be adapted for other communities.

These videos were developed from two projects led by America Achieves: the Fellowship for Teachers and Principals, and a recent pilot study focused on the new OECD Test for Schools. The fellowship provides a platform for outstanding educators to share best practices, develop resources and tools, and add their voices to the national debate on education and policy. The pilot study involved 105 American high schools that took the new OECD Test for Schools, a school-level internationally benchmarked tool that measures reading, math and science knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds.

The first Spotlight, Common Core in Practice: Great Teachers Demonstrate Moving to Deeper Learning,” features the work of innovative teachers around the country who are embedding the Common Core State Standards into their daily lessons. Each has found exciting ways to use the new standards to go deeper with students in key subjects like math and ELA, engaging their classes in critical thinking and problem solving. The rich videos feature teachers from around the country and cover a variety of grade levels.

Our second Spotlight, Beyond the Scores: A Close-Up Look at U.S. Schools that Are Global Leaders,” highlights schools that excelled on the new OECD Test for Schools and are using the rich, school-level data to chart a course for improvement. These video case studies provide a look at the great practices of some of America’s schools that are exceeding the average performance of all or most nations in the OECD.

Following is the link to Promising Practices: