Speak Up!

The Speak Up 2012 Survey for America’s Future Teachers starts next week!  The survey, hosted by Project Tomorrow, a national education nonprofit, will be hosting this special online survey beginning March 12 and running through May 11, 2012.  The survey is for students in teacher preparation programs (including career-changers in alternative certification programs) to get their views on their career choice and share their ideas about how to leverage technology with learning.

The themes for this year’s questions include a focus on technology for teaching and learning (digital content, games, online content, distance learning, etc.), digital citizenship, the role of technology in professional development, math instruction, and STEM career preparation.

The national report with the survey findings will be released in the fall of 2012 in a special Congressional Briefing at the Capitol.  The results will be shared with policymakers, research organizations and the media, so take advantage of this opportunity to “soap box!”

To learn more, please visit http://tomorrow.org/SU4HigherEd/index.html