October 21, 2015



Student Growth Measures

  • Are you incorporating student growth measures into your educator evaluation system?
  • Are you leveraging the Student Learning Objectives (SLO) process to inspire professional learning and growth?
  • Do your teachers need to develop expertise related to data analysis?
  • Would you like to cultivate a culture of data-driven instruction and continuous improvement?

Core Education, LLC is pleased to provide consultation and support related to Student Growth Measures.


Teacher and Principal Preparation

  • Are you overhauling your teacher preparation program or designing a proposal for a new teacher preparation program?
  • Do you need assistance making sure that your program will meet state and national accreditation standards?
  • Have you aligned each of your courses to ensure coherent program delivery?
  • Does your program appropriately prepare teachers to teach to new standards and meet the needs of diverse students?

Core Education, LLC is an essential partner for those wishing to design or refine educator preparation programs.


Educator Evaluation

  • Is your teacher evaluation system aligned with teacher and student standards?
  • Do your teacher evaluation systems support teacher effectiveness and student achievement?
  • Is your teacher evaluation system fair for all teachers, both those in tested and non-tested grades and subject areas?
  • Do you need inter-rater reliability training for your observers and SLO approvers to increase the validity and reliability of your system?

Core Education, LLC offers assistance with the design and alignment of teacher evaluation systems to increase teacher effectiveness and student achievement.


Grant and Proposal Writing

  • Do you need a consultant who can take diverse ideas and communicate them clearly?
  • Do you need someone who can attend to many details while meeting tight deadlines?
  • Do you need an experienced writer who can take many voices and make them one?
  • Do you need a grant writer who is in touch with the latest in policy and practice?

Core Education, LLC is pleased to support your grant and proposal writing efforts.


Professional Learning

  • Do you need an experienced consultant to create differentiated professional learning sessions for online, hybrid, or face-to-face settings to meet the needs of educators?
  • Do you want to develop mentoring and induction programs that support teacher effectiveness?
  • Would you like to offer an ongoing coaching program to support the growth of teachers and school leaders?

Core Education, LLC offers solutions for Professional Learning to improve teacher effectiveness.


Policy Analysis

  • Are you interested in trends in education and what they mean for your organization?
  • Do you need to know the most recent research on a topic to make an informed decision for your organization?
  • Would you like a plain English explanation of laws, regulations and research findings for your stakeholders?
  • Do you need to craft strategic planning documents or reports?

Core Education, LLC is pleased to offer Research and Policy Analysis services that are custom-designed for your organization.