School Staffing Innovations

How can schools begin to address all their students’ individual learning needs? Blended learning is increasingly part of the answer schools consider, but what about a broader rethinking of how schools are organized and staffed?

Public Impact and the Clayton Christensen Institute have been taking a close look at eight schools/school networks serving disadvantaged populations around the country using innovative staffing models to personalize learning, including district, charter, and private schools. Each of these schools/networks has achieved better-than-typical student learning and provided students with more personalized experiences while using new staffing models and blended learning.

Two sets of short profiles as well as accompanying videos of these schools show the challenges they aim to address and their early years of staffing innovations.

The profiles released include:

Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools, Brooklyn, NY

CCSD Franchise Schools, Las Vegas, NV

Cristo Rey San Jose, San Jose, CA

Navigator Schools, Gilroy and Hollister, CA


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