Recommendations to Strengthen Teacher Preparation & Diversity

A new report from Educators for Excellence New York outlines the importance of teacher preparation and offers recommendations for increasing teacher diversity.  

Ready for Day One and Beyond is a new paper written by teachers on the Educators for Excellence New York Policy Team.

The paper starts with two important questions:  

1. What if our teacher prep program recruited more future teachers of color and prepared us for our diverse student body?

2. What if each of us had access to professional development aligned to our needs?

The Policy Team engaged over 1,000 city educators through focus groups and more than 700 through surveys, examined case studies and research from across the country, and consulted with over a dozen experts and stakeholders.

Their recommendations include:

— Increase Educator Workforce Diversity

— Grow Teacher Residencies

— Require Preparation Program Transparency

— Improve Professional Development Quality and Alignment

— Increase Accessibility and Equitable Funding for Professional Development

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