Five Unexpected Places where You can Learn to Be a Better Teacher

If you ever attend an amateur comedy contest, you’ll notice that beginning comics face some of the same classroom-management-style issues that pop up in an inexperienced teacher’s classroom.

As with teaching, experienced comics can make “owning the room” look easy.

That’s because they’ve had years to develop their material and practice fundamental skills like timing and body language. They’ve also developed seemingly-spontaneous responses for the guy yelling, “You suck!” from the back of the room.

Just remember that every top comedian was a beginner once. So was every master teacher.

In a new blog post, Roxanna Elden explores comedy clubs, as well as four other unexpected places where educators can hone their practice, including:

Workout Classes (learn about motivation)

Retail Stores (learn about merchandising your content)

Airports (learn crowd control and explicit procedures)

Assembling Furniture (learn about direction giving)


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