Are Higher Ed Students getting “The Big 6”?

gallupJust 3% of all college graduates in a recent Gallup-Purdue University study say they had all six of the experiences — “The Big 6” — that have been shown to prepare students well for life and increase chances of on-time graduation. Together, and individually, the Gallup-Purdue Index finds these six experiences have a stronger relationship to long-term life outcomes such as employee engagement and well-being than the type of school these graduates attended (for example, public or private).

Following are “The Big 6” and the percentage of students in the poll who said they had those experiences in college:

63%  I had at least one professor at [College] who made me excited about learning.

27%  My professors at [College] cared about me as a person.

22%  I had a mentor who encouraged me to pursue my goals and dreams.

32%  I worked on a project that took a semester or more to complete.

29%  I had an internship or job that allowed me to apply what I was learning in the classroom.

20%  I was extremely active in extracurricular activities and organizations while I attended [College].

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